Job Dashboard

The job dashboard provides a centralized view for managing and monitoring the execution of data processing tasks within your workflows.

job dashboard

Here is how to navigate and view job status:

  • The central panel lists all jobs with their associated workflow’s Name, ID, Status, and Execution Start Time.

  • The Status column provides at-a-glance information:

    • A New status indicates a job has been created but has yet to run.

    • A Scheduled status shows that a job is set to run at a future date and time, as indicated in the ‘Execution Start Time’ column.

    • A Partitioning status means that documents are currently being processed.

    • A Finished status indicates the job has been completed.

    • A Failed status indicates the job has encountered some errors.

Run a Job

create adhoc job

To run a workflow, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Jobs” tab in the side navigation menu and click the Run Job button to open the job configuration pop-up window.

  2. From the Select a Workflow or create a new one dropdown menu, you can select a workflow that you have previously created.

  3. Alternatively, you can select to create a new workflow by completing the following fields:

    • Sources: Specify the source connector for the job.

    • Destination: Determine the destination connector where the processed data will be sent.

    • Strategy: Select the processing strategy for the data.

    • Settings: Configure additional job settings.

  4. After you click the ‘Run’ button, the system will run the workflow immediately.

Monitor Job’s Activity Logs

job detail status

The Job Details page is a comprehensive section for monitoring the specific details of jobs executed within a particular workflow. To access this page, click the specific Workflow or ID on the Job Dashboard.

Here is the information provided by the Job Details page:

  • Job Summary: At the top of the dashboard, you will see the following document status:

    • Documents: Total number of documents included in the workflow.

    • New: number of new documents to be processed.

    • Partitioning: number of documents being processed.

    • Finished: number of documents that have been completed.

    • Failed: number of documents that failed to be processed.

  • Job Status and Execution Information: The page provides a detailed log of the job’s execution, including status, expected execution time, and Job ID for reference.

  • Activity Logs: The activity logs display a timestamped sequence of events during the job’s execution. This can include when new documents are found, when documents are processed, and any errors or messages related to the job.